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The Dialysis Centre Bahamas Ltd.

The Dialysis Centre Bahamas, is a new “state-of-the-art” dialysis facility with advanced technological machines from the leader in the field internationally, Fresenius Medical Care. The Dialysis Centre, (TDC), will be located at The Medical Pavilion Bahamas on Collins Avenue.

Fresenius Medical Care is the world leader in dialysis-care equipment and facility management, and has an established outstanding record in Europe, Canada and the United States of America, and other developed and developing countries.

The International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of National Kidney Foundations have supported the establishment of a World Kidney Day since 2006, with the aim of making Governments, Health Administrations, and the Public, aware of the burgeoning burden of Kidney Failure with its’ associated elevated cardiovascular risks in the form of heart attacks, sudden cardiac death and stroke.

Diabetes and Hypertension, together account for approximately two thirds of the causes of Kidney Failure or End Stage Renal Disease, (ESRD), requiring dialysis treatment or kidney transplantation.

Diabetes affects more than 240 million persons worldwide and is expected to increase to 380 by 2025; In Europe, the projected increase is of the order of 20%; North America 50% and South and Central Americas at 85% by 2025. Nearly 40% of persons with Diabetes will develop Chronic Kidney Disease, (CKD), with a significant proportion progressing to end stage renal disease, (ESRD), or failure.

Hypertension is an increasing global burden that increases with ageing, along with diabetes, and multiplies the cardiovascular risks of heart attacks, strokes, sudden cardiac death and kidney failure. In the United States, approximately one in four adults have hypertension; information dating from the work of Lunn and Moser in the 1970’s, indicate that the local rate is somewhat higher, and of the order of one in three adults in the Bahamas.

Data from the United States Renal Data System Report (USRDS) for 2010 indicate that persons of African-Ancestory or Ethnicity, have an incidence (new patients per year developing ESRD), approaching 1,100 per million population, which is 3-4 times the figure of 325 per million population of their Caucasian counterparts. Persons of African Ethnicity therefore have an increased, disproportionate burden of ESRD. Extrapolating for The Bahamas would indicate that approximately 200 New Patients/Year would be expected. The cost of dialysis treatments on an annualized basis is considerable and therefore has significant implications for governments and health-care providers.

The Dialysis Centre, Bahamas Ltd., cognizant of the impending increase in numbers of ESRD patients expected locally, and the current limited facility space for providing such services in the public and private sectors, will open its’ facility with the intention of assisting in addressing the current dialysis facility infrastructure limits extant in the private and public sectors, and with a view to providing high quality dialysis treatments in an advanced, enhanced-care environment, supported by a highly- experienced team of specialized physicians and nurses.

The Management of The Dialysis Centre will be under the administration of Ms. Rhondalee Marshall, RN, a Dialysis-Certified Registered Nurse with extensive experience in the field. Dr. Adrian Sawyer, MB, BS, DM., will be the Clinical Director and Leader of the Team and Unit. Dr. Sawyer has been trained as a kidney specialist in Jamaica (University of the West Indies) and the United Kingdom (the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the Tenovous Kidney Research Centre, and the Western Infirmary, Glasgow, the leading kidney transplant centre in Scotland). He is a member of several professional Kidney Organisations, including the International Society of Nephrology, (ISN), the American Society of Nephrology, (ASN), the Scottish Renal Association, the European Renal Association, (ERA), and the National Kidney Foundation, as well as membership in the American Society of Hypertension (ASH). The combined clinical experiences and training of the Administrator and Medical Director speak volumes to the commitment to comprehensive, high-quality, dedicated and modern care for patients with kidney failure (ESRD) in the Bahamas.

The Dialysis Centre Bahamas, Ltd., will be commissioned in May of 2011. It will likely be The First Fully Digital, No Reuse HaemoDialysis Centre In The Bahamas and the Caribbean, and possibly this hemisphere, with the most recent model of dialysis machines manufactured by Fresenius. It will have an ultimate capacity for 25 dialysis stations in this present phase, with all stations equipped for private entertainment, be it audio or visual with their own individual TV and/or DVD screens. The unit has been designed to conform to international standards. It will have a separate isolation room along with potential space for further expansion to meet the increasing burden of numbers of patients with kidney failure requiring dialysis treatment. There will be a link established with the local kidney transplantation programme at Doctors Hospital, thus providing a pathway to comprehensive, full, renal replacement modalities in the Bahamas.

The Medical Pavilion Bahamas, Home to The Heart, Chest, Cancer, Imaging and Breast Centres, 72-74 Collins Avenue, are delighted to have Renal Replacement Therapy, in the form of HaemoDialysis, added to its’ existing spectrum of medical treatment modalities in its continuing vein to providing Comprehensive, Integrated Medical Care in the fields of Cardiac, Vascular, Thoracic, Pulmonary, Cancer, Family, Paediatric and Internal Medicine, and now Renal Medicine.

The Dialysis Centre Looks Forward To Serving The Bahamas And Beyond.


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